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I’m Denys Holub, an indie game developer currently living in Montenegro.
I run RevanGames as a one-man studio.
Q: What is “Revan”?
A: It’s my common nickname, chosen in honor of the main character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic pt.1 😀

Previously I’ve been working at iLogos as a developer on such titles as Megapolis(Web) and Magic Kitchen(iOS, Android).
In 2014 I left the company to start working on my own projects full-time.

My web games have been played millions of times and my mobile games reached top-100 AppStore USA.
I offer gaming content solutions for portals, brands and marketing agencies.
The target platforms are both mobile and desktop web(HTML5, Flash) and native mobile(iOS, Android).

Please feel free to contact me regarding any question.