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I’m Denys Holub, an indie game developer currently living in Montenegro.
I run RevanGames as a one-man studio, collaborating with other great developers and freelancers occasionally.
Q: What is “Revan”?
A: It’s my common nickname, chosen in honor of the main character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I 😀

Previously I worked at iLogos as a front-end developer on such titles as Megapolis(Web) and Magic Kitchen(iOS, Android).
In 2014 I left the company to start working indepedently.

My web games have been played millions of times and my mobile games reached top-100 AppStore USA.
I offer gaming content solutions for portals, brands and marketing agencies.
Currently I specialize in Unity, primarily targeting desktop web(WebGL) and mobile(iOS, Android).

Please feel free to contact me